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The Benefits of GOLD'n GRO Fertigation

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Fertigation is the application of fertilizer through an irrigation system. Chemigation is the application of chemicals through an irrigation system. Chemicals include herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.

Fertigation and chemigation have been used for many years by large commercial and agricultural operations. In addition to the labor saved, many other benefits have been discovered. Fertigation systems make it easy and convenient for home owners, small specialty growers, and nursery operators to enjoy the benefits GOLD'n GRO®* fertigation.

Here are some important benefits of fertigation:

• GOLD'n GRO®* liquid fertilizers were designed for application with fertigation systems.

• Plants absorb nutrients more efficiently because they are fed through the leaves and roots.

• The GOLD'n GRO®* nutrients are in liquid solution which quickly disperses in the irrigation water making the nutrients immediately available to the plants being fertigated.

• The fertigation systems are adjustable so fertilizer can be distributed quickly, or slowly in small constant doses each time you water.

• Slow feeding gives the plant nutrition in small "bite size" amounts. This creates steady, even growth and greening. It makes landscapes healthier, more disease and insect resistant.

• Fertigation eliminates surge growth that is often experienced with dry fertilizers and which can cause plant stress and poor health. More uniform feeding produces healthier plants.

• Fertilizers applied in liquid form typically have a broader spectrum of immediately available nutrients and trace elements as compared to dry fertilizers.

• GOLD'n GRO®* fertigation is environmentally friendly!

When dry fertilizers are distributed, they sit on the ground until they are dissolved by irrigation water or rain. In this process they are often washed away into storm sewers, or leached into ground waters, or washed into streams, rivers, or lakes, or blown by the wind. With fertigation, fertilizers are immediately available to the plant in small "bite size" amounts so up to 95% of the nutrients can be absorbed by the plant and are not left to run off or leach away. The GOLD'n GRO®* liquid fertilizers are proving to be especially effective for the plants to take up and because of this are dramatically improving the efficiency of fertilization for commercial specialty crop growers. Fertigation also enhances root development which reduces the plant's water requirements while making them more drought tolerant. The plants general good health helps it fight disease and insect infestation. The GOLD'n GRO®* liquid fertilizers have a broad base of nutrients and chelated trace elements, which not only provide improved plant nutrition, but also help restore soils and keep them healthy.

Itronics Metallurgical is proud to make GOLD'n GRO®* Chemilizer** Fertigation systems available to its GOLD'n GRO®* customers.

*GOLD'n GRO® is a registered trademark of Itronics Metallurgical, Inc.
**Chemilizer is a registered trademark of Chemilizer Products, Inc.

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